ROCKY SAYS: Roosevelt is the place to be!

1.  The year is going by quickly. We are in our ninth unit in math (MULTIPLICATION & DIVISION), our eighth unit in reading (COMPARING AND CONTRASTING), and our sixth unit in writing (PERSUASIVE LETTERS). The children are enjoying being in health class!  Cursive is going great and the students are enjoying the uppercase letters.  Ms. Selberg has completed her 26 weeks with our class!  It was great having her and having the extra help for the students.  Now she will graduate and find a classroom of her own!

2.  Your child's first MCA tests have been scheduled.  (See below.)  Please avoid family vacations and appointments on those days if at all possible.  Thanks so much.

3.   Our SEVENTH reading calendar went home on March 31.  It is due in May with a parent signature at the top. Keep on reading at home and recording those minutes!! WE HAD A GREAT RESPONSE RATE AGAIN FOR THE LAST CALENDAR!!!  The class with the highest percentage of calendars returned gets the honor of hanging a banner outside their door.

4.  If you call me during the day, please know that I am only able to check my voice mail from 10:40 to 11:30, 11:50 to 12:10, and after 2:35.  I am only able to check my email during those same times.  (Otherwise I am with your child and we are learning new things!!)  If you have an urgent message after 12:10, please call the office and Miss Sarah will buzz my room.  Thank you for understanding. 

April 26-28 = MCA Tests in Reading
May 1-2 = MCA Tests in Math

May 9 = Late Start
May 10 = Field trip to the Children's Museum
May 17 = Third DIBELS Assessment
May 18 = Annual School Carnival - 5:00
May 29 = No School - Memorial Day

June 1 = Last Day of School for the 2016-2017 school year; picnic 
June 2 = Work Day for Staff

August 28-31 = Staff Workshops
August 30 = Entrance Conferences in the evening  (Tentative)
September 4 = No School - Labor Day
September 5 = Entrance Conferences all day
September 6 = No School - Comp Day for evening conferences
September 7 = FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR 2017-2018
September TBA = First DIBELS Assessment
September 19 = Late Start
October TBA = Annual Walk-a-thon
October 10 = Late Start
October 19-20 = No School - MEA Weekend
October 31 = Annual Halloween Party
November 10 = No School - Prep day for conferences
November 14 = Late Start

November 14 = Evening Conferences (Tentative)
November 16 = Evening Conferences  (Tentative)
November 20 = Evening Conferences  (Tentative)

November 21-22 = No School - Comp Days for evening conferences
November 23-24 = No School - Thanksgiving
December 12 = Late Start
December 22 = Last day of school before Winter Break
December 23 - January 2 = Winter Break
January 3 = Welcome back from Winter Break

January TBA = Second DIBELS Assessment
January 9 = Late Start
January 15 = No School - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 26 = No School - Teacher Curriculum Day
February TBA = Annual music program at Mankato West
February 13 = Late Start
February 14 = Annual Valentine's Day party
February TBA = Annual Family Reading Celebration 
February TBA = Science Fair for grades 3-5

March TBA = NWEA Tests in Reading
March TBA = NWEA Tests in Math

March 13 = Late Start
March 16 = No School - Prep Day for Conferences
March TBA = Evening Conferences
March TBA = Evening Conferences
March TBA = Evening Conferences

March TBA = Annual Music Concert
March 28-April 2 = No School - Spring Break
April 10 = Late Start

April TBA = MCA Tests in Reading
April TBA = MCA Tests in Math
May TBA = Third DIBELS Assessment

May 8 = Late Start
May TBA = Annual School Carnival 
May 28 = No School - Memorial Day

June 1 = Last Day of School for the 2017-2018 school year; picnic TBA
June 4 = Work Day for Staff

OUR 2016-2017 SCHEDULE:
8:05-8:40 = Differentiated Math
8:40-9:20 = Whole Group Math
9:25-9:45 = Shared Reading (Whole Group)
9:45-10:20 = Writing Workshop
10:20-10:40 = Independent/Coached Reading
10:40-11:30 = Special Classes
     (Phy. Ed. - T & Th, Art - W, Media - M, and Music - F  
11:30-11:45 = Word Study or Cursive
11:50-12:25 = Lunch
12:30-1:00 = Science/Social Studies/Health (M-Th) and Math WIN Time (F)
1:05-2:15 = Guided Reading (Small Groups & Interventions)
-2:30 = Interactive Read Aloud
2:30-2:35 = Clean up and dismissal

1. Your child will bring home a blue math Home Link most nights. It is due the next day. Remember that the peach colored parent letter will have answers for you to use.  On some days there will be a white homework sheet in the homework folder. Those assignments will also be due on the next school day.
2. Please remind your child to READ at least 15-20 minutes each night (both orally and silently). This is the single most important thing that you can do to help. MyOn Reader is a great resource for our students!
3. When the fact triangles come home, please practice with your child. If the fact triangles don't work for your family, feel free to get some regular flash cards at the dollar store. You can also use the app FLASH TO PASS. Your student has an IXL account and it is a wonderful math resource!  It is essential that your child go into fourth grade knowing her/his addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts!

Please send me an email if you know in advance that your child will be gone from school. It really helps me to keep your child up-to-date with her/his work.  If you want homework prepared due to a family vacation or extended absence, just send me an email!

Reading, Grammar, Writing, Word Study: Benchmark Education's BENCHMARK LITERACY
Math: University of Chicago's EVERYDAY MATH
Health: Central Michigan University's MICHIGAN MODEL FOR HEALTH
Social Studies: Harcourt's OUR COMMUNITIES

This is my 32nd year teaching at Roosevelt Elementary. I am now teaching the children of my former students!  My Bachelor's degree is in Elementary Education, with a concentration in math, and my Master's degree is in Curriculum and Instruction. I have a Minnesota Teaching License for grades 1-6, and I have taught grades 3, 5, and 6. During my years with the Mankato Area Public Schools, I have worked on the spelling, health, handwriting, reading, language arts, social studies, and assessment committees. I am happy to be of service to your family this year. Please email me at or call Roosevelt at 345-4285.

Contact: Mr. Brian Eggersdorfer