Instruments are an integral part of music education!

As you may be aware, instruments are one of the most exciting parts of music class for many students.  Here at Jefferson, we play many instruments throughout the year.  

Orff Instruments

Orff instruments are the general name for xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels.  They were created by Carl Orff as a method of teaching music where the bars are easily removed for easier play and improvising.

Students begin exploring on the Orff instruments in the spring of kindergarten year.  Skills on Orff instruments build through the years through types of borduns and ostinati as well as complexity of parts and melodic lines.  They are always fun to play and we try to rotate through the various sizes and kinds of instruments on a consistent basis, but the basses are generally always the coveted instruments!


Recorders are taught in 4th and 5th grade.  Students use recorders to assist in note reading skills as well as rhythmic reading.  They also use recorders for ensemble playing and playing in parts.  Recorders are an integral part of the Orff Schulwerk method.

Miscellaneous percussion instruments

All students perform rhythms on a variety of percussion instruments.  Some of the instruments we use are as follows:
rhythm sticks
hand drums
temple blocks
jingle bells
wood blocks
and many more!